The Need For Heat

Whenever industry encounters the need to maintain a pipe, tank or vessel at a temperature in excess of the surrounding ambient, we experience a heat loss.

Thermal insulation can reduce the rate the heat is lost, but will not compensate for that loss, therefore a heat source is required. Flexiheat have a range of products to provide that heat source.

Whether preventing frost damage, by holding them above sub-zero temperatures or keeping them at elevated temperatures to aid in flow Flexiheat have the answer.

Other Products/Services

Along with manufacturing of trace heating tapes and cables, flexiheat manufacture a wide range of electrical surface heating equipment.

  • Heated mats / Panels
  • Flexible heated hoses
  • Drum heaters
  • Radiant heaters (Ram plate)
  • Silicone cables
  • Braiding cables / earthing straps
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